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April 2010  

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Join the Tribeca Protest Over "Ticked Off Trannies" Film  
04:05pm 06/04/2010
A demonstration against the Tribeca Film Festival's choice to feature the movie "Ticked Off Trannies With Knives" will take place in NYC tonight. The movie promotes transphobia and makes light of the rape and violence all too often directed at transwomen. In addition to the offensive title of the movie, the film portrays transwomen as being performers.

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Georgia High School Boots Crossdressing Student  
12:04pm 07/10/2009
Jonathan Escobar, 16 of North Cobb High School has been kicked out because he refuses to change who he is and stop dressing in female attire at school. Please join in taking action to demand school administrators allow him to express himself as he sees fit and to create a policy to ensure the safety of gender variant students.

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Fox News Show Red Eye Bashes Pre-Op MTF Boxer  
04:58pm 04/08/2009
The Fox News show Red Eye hosted by Greg Gutfeld continues to air transphobic remarks at the expense of various transgender people in the public spotlight, now focusing his attention on a http://queersunited.blogspot.com/2009/08/fox-news-show-red-eye-bashes-pre-op-mtf.htmlboxer who will transition from male to female. We first called Mr Gutfeld out for his outrageous transphobic and horrific remarks about the "Pregnant Man" FTM, Thomas Beatie. He also spewed out offensive remarks against openly gay congressman Barney Frank.

Read the whole story here and watch the segment below.

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Australian Prime Minister Vows to Fight Marriage Equality  
11:20am 29/07/2009
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia has made hypocritical statements regarding same-sex marriage. He maintains his party "respects" same-sex couples, but still vows to fight against their right to marry.

Take action by contacting the Prime Minister and urging him to support marriage rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual couples.

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Sally Kern Blames Gay Marriage & Pride on Economic Woes  
11:00am 03/07/2009
Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern who once suggested "gays are worse than terrorism" is back to demonizing gays again. In an unusually public ceremony, Rep. Kern signed a “Proclamation for Morality,” which blames the U.S.’s current economic crisis on, among other acts of “debauchery,” same-sex marriage
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The Advocate Refers to Trans Woman as a Gay Man  
04:33pm 16/06/2009
The Advocate a premiere LGBT news magazine has come under pressure from trans activists and allies after it referred to a couple who were legally married in New York as a "same-sex" couple. In the article N.Y. Unwittingly Marries "Same-Sex" Couple, the couple Hakim Nelson and Jason Stenson were given a marriage license because the clerk was unaware of the birth gender of Nelson who now goes by Kimah.

Neither Jason nor Kimah identify as gay, and this is a poor example of reporting. Please read this and contact The Advocate and let them know it's time to report on trans issues accurately.
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Listing of New York Senators on the Fence or Opposed to Gay Marriage  
06:40pm 15/06/2009
20 senators publicly stated their support for equal marriage, 32 are needed to pass the bill. Please check this list and contact your state senator and urge them to support marriage equality for all couples. Marriage is a civil rights issue, nobody should be denied the 1,800 state and federal benefits that come with marriage, such as the right to visit a loved one in a hospital, file joint tax returns, co-adopt kids, and many others.
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Operation DOMA Flip Flop  
10:55am 25/05/2009
The government was served with a lawsuit the week of April 27th regarding the Defense of Marriage Act which bars federal recognition of same-sex couples. Now the Department of Justice, under President Obama's authority, has till the week of June 22nd to respond. They can either carry out on with the lawsuit defending DOMA, or choose not to defend an unconstitutional law.

Take action now at http://queersunited.blogspot.com/2009/05/operation-doma-flip-flop.html
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Your Daily Dose of Rachel Maddow, Perez Hilton, Gay & General Queer Bashing  
12:48pm 15/05/2009
Andrew Wilkow guest hosted Mark Levin's right-wing radio show on Sirius XM (one of the highest-rated right-wing talk radio shows in America) insulted Rachel Maddow, Perez Hilton, gays and people with HIV/AIDS.

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Surveys for FTM & Partners  
10:13am 15/05/2009
Jamison Green the former President of FTMInternational is interested in the sexual health and satisfaction of all trans men, whether or not they have had hormones or surgery, and in the experiences of their partners. Two surveys are available for trans men and their partners to help with the research. He will use the data as raw material for a book, tentatively entitled "The FTM Guide to SEX," plus academic presentations and journal articles to educate medical and therapeutic service providers about trans lives.
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